Cambodia: Hong Kong and Xinjiang Issues Are Under Domestic Jurisdiction of China

The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Cambodia to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations at Geneva has underscored the country's position over the situation in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

[] Cambodia is of the view that these issues are considered under domestic jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China, which shall be respected and interference into which is forbidden, said H.E. Ney Samol, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Cambodia to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations in Geneva in his statement at the General Debate on Human Rights held on Sept. 17 in Geneva.

Measures taken by China and Hong Kong Special Administration Region to maintain peace and national security in accordance with existing municipal and international laws are welcomed, he added.

As for the issue in Xinjiang, we congratulate the efforts and achievements of China in undertaking a series of counter terrorism including setting up vocational training centers for trainees to learn livelihood skills and to free themselves from religious extremism, he said. As a result, within three years no single terrorist attack has been reported; and safety and security have returned to Xinjiang.

Human rights should be evaluated in a holistic approach rather than incidental cases, H.E. Ney Samol continued, stressing that all rights should be given the same emphasis and importance.

The promotion and protection of human rights should be conducted in consistence with the principle of impartiality, objectivity, and non-selective and in adhering to the principle of the Charter of the UN particularly its Article 2 (7), he said.

Human rights should not be politicised as a tool to interfere into domestic jurisdiction of State, underlined the permanent representative.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press