There is no element of data leakage involving Selangorians under the state life insurance scheme, Insurans Hayat Selangor (INSAN) because it is protected by the state government.

In a statement today, Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI Selangor) said the allegations that there was leaked data of Selangor residents was inaccurate.

"Due to widespread inaccurate claims, some irresponsible parties have misused this website (INSAN programme) for malicious purposes. The website is being strengthened with extra security features and will be active soon,” MBI Selangor said.

MBI Selangor said the Selangor government initiative, which began on Oct 1, 2022, is aimed at giving general insurance protection to six million Selangor residents with the corporate body being the implementing agency and Wavpay Fintech Holding Sdn Bhd as the service operator.

INSAN is aimed at reducing the financial burden of the insured in the event of an accident or death in line with a reported increase in the number of road accidents in Malaysia from 370,286 in 2021 to 545,588 in 2022.

Due to complaints of registration qualifications, especially for the elderly, the Selangor government has implement the pre-registration process automatically by matching the Electoral Commission's voter register information and the identity card numbers of the state's citizens and residents.

"Although this automatic pre-registration provides the insurance policies easily to the residents of Selangor, each policy recipient needs to complete the self-verification process and agree to accept this protection offer,” MBI Selangor said.

For more information regarding the INSAN programme, visit the INSAN website at

Source: BERNAMA News Agency