Engagement in Illegal Land Invasion Seriously Banned

As land price in Cambodia continues to rise, the Royal Government of Cambodia has urged the public not to engage in illegal land invasions.

The reminder was made recently by the Spokesperson at the Ministry of Environment H.E. Neth Pheaktra with emphasis on the ministry’s notification regarding the ban on illegal land invasion.

With Cambodia’s soaring land price, some innocent people have fallen into the traps of ill-intentioned dealers by joining them to illegally invade public and preserved areas as well as the land already owned by others, said H.E. Neth Pheaktra.

He at the same time encouraged extra attention both among land buyers and competent local authorities to evade engaging in ownership filing or transfer of unlawfully owned land.

The spokesperson urged the public not to get involved in such practice that will lead to implications with the laws, as there are substantial legal bases against it.

The Royal Government of Cambodia has by far identified and pursued legal actions against ill-intentioned land dealers and those behind them, and the crack-down remains hot.



Source: Agency Kampuchea Press