JCS chief calls for ‘seamless’ surveillance at western coastal units

South Korea's top military officer has called for "seamless" surveillance as he visited units on the western coast, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said Friday, in the wake of North Korea's recent artillery firing. JCS Chairman Adm. Kim Myung-soo inspected a coastal guard unit and a radar base, both located in Taean County, 109 kilometers southwest of Seoul, on Thursday. The latest inspection visit came after the North fired hundreds of artillery shells near the western sea border last Friday to Sunday. Kim called on troops to respond firmly if a situation arises, saying that "seamless surveillance and vigilance" is the start of any coastal security operation, according to his office. During his visit, Kim also held discussions on ways to develop operations utilizing unmanned assets, it said. South Korean officials have said that North Korea is expected to stage provocative acts early this year ahead of South Korea's general elections in April to possibly influence public opinion. Source: Yonhap News Agency