The "2023 China (Lanling) Burdock Food Culture Festival" held recently in Lanling County offered a diverse range of burdock products such as burdock tea, burdock noodles and burdock snack that left consumers amazed and spoilt for choice.

According to the News Office of the People's Government of Lanling County in a statement, burdock possesses various medicinal values and remarkable health benefits, including its rejuvenating and longevity properties.

As the "hometown of vegetables in China" and "hometown of burdock in China", Lanling County boasts a vast burdock cultivation area with each burdock plant offering a diverse range of products.

By leveraging the development of a series of burdock-based products and agricultural tourism projects, Lanling County has expanded its market channels in which the cultural festival has transformed burdock into a delectable delight for everyone to savour.

During the cultural festival, 100 renowned chefs from various parts of Shandong Province showcased a grand burdock feast featuring Lanling's finest specialty ingredient.

The delectable array of dishes captivated everyone's taste buds, whereby the combination of Linyi fried chicken and Lanling burdock, known as "Burdock Chicken", became an irresistible delicacy that people eagerly lined up to savour.

Furthermore, Lanling's distinctive local ingredients, including Lanling burdock, Cangshan garlic and Great Wall chilli, were artfully incorporated to create a delightful fusion of flavours that delighted all.

As the primary hub for burdock products, Zhuangwu Town in Lanling County has seen the establishment of over 100 burdock processing enterprises, which had a significant impact in providing employment and income opportunities for over 200,000 individuals.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency