Discussions and studies on laws relating to 3R (royalty, religion and race) issues including whether there is a need to introduce a new act would be tabled in the Cabinet at its meeting this week.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform), Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said said the presentation on the first phase of the study to the Cabinet would be made comprehensively before any other resolution is made.

"The engagement sessions comprising focus group discussions and also 3R Legal Dialogue recently are not to discuss new laws (on 3R). I have invited legal bodies and stakeholders to discuss the direction as there are views the existing laws are inadequate.

"Nonetheless, some said there are other laws such as in Singapore and Australia, actually the cabinet has ordered the Ministry of Unity with the Legal Division to be involved in the discussion.

"God willing, I will table in the cabinet this week the conclusions of the discussions held earlier, this is the first phase but it needed many more discussions with various parties including non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations and academicians,” she told reporters after the MADANI Media Communications Convention : Strategic Communications and Digital here today.

Recently, Azalina was reported as saying that she would be holding the first meeting with relevant parties to examine and refine the proposal to draft a new act related to 3R.

Earlier, the media reported that the government was studying to create a new related act based on civil aspects, which may be called the State and Nation Act similar to the Racial Harmony Act in Singapore, and the proposal about it was presented at the Cabinet meeting.

Commenting further, Azalina said her party also needs to look comprehensively including the aspects of unity and the long term including elements of politics that use 3R if they want to create a new law related to the 3R.

She said that many people say that the existing law is sufficient, but that is in terms of criminal elements and now her ministry needs to conduct a comprehensive study on various angles, especially from the aspect of unity.

"There are countries that have harmonious laws and countries that have state and nation laws, so we have to study all of that (before creating a new 3R law) but it is subject to the Cabinet. Whether the Cabinet wants us to do more research or discuss it again will be determined.

"But I think we need continuous dialogue from all parties in order to get complete information, we have to first study the reason for the act because it has advantages only in terms of enforcement we face problems related to the confidentiality of names that cannot be traced as well as artificial intelligence (AI) technology that complicates the investigation and prosecution process," she said.

According to her, the government also continues to involve all stakeholders in considering the holistic direction of policy and legislation to be used as a guide for the administration in dealing with issues involving 3R.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency