The Mega@Tambun Rahmah Sales Programme (PJR), organised by the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) drew thousands of visitors from diverse ethnic backgrounds who were eager to obtain essential goods at affordable prices.

Around 8,000 visitors came to buy items at prices up to 30 per cent lower than market rates.

Several people interviewed by Bernama felt that the PJR sale helped cut their daily expenses.

According to Hasnah Muhammad Rasad, a 63-year-old housewife, the programme should be continued in the future and expanded to rural and suburban areas.

“If programmes like this can be expanded to remote areas, I believe more people will benefit.

“This programme should be continued as the discounted prices of essential items such as chicken, fish, and vegetables by up to 30 per cent somewhat reduce our expenses," she told Bernama at the Mega@Tambun PJR event in Mydin Manjoi today.

A retired government employee, V. Ramasamy, 60, who shared the same view said that the government's initiative through PJR is one of the best measures to provide people with alternatives to obtain daily essential goods at affordable prices.

"Previously, when purchasing daily essentials, our choices were limited to either supermarkets or convenience stores. However, the prices there weren't as budget-friendly as those available at PJR," he added.

"I think this programme is highly beneficial for the people, particularly given the increasing costs of various daily necessities," he said.

Meanwhile, private sector employee Ooi Pei Yee, 39, said it was her first time visiting PJR adding that it should be promoted more extensively so that all groups are aware of this initiative.

“Instead of just using social media, the government should utilise all types of media, like television and radio, more often to promote this programme.

“"If it's done, I believe more people will come to buy, therefore proving PJR's success in helping the people, he added.

Earlier, during his visit to Perak, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim spent about one and a half hours at the event. He delivered a speech, took part in the opening ceremony, and shared light moments with visitors.

At the event, it was announced that by 4.30 pm, sales involving 36 items had reached RM270,000.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency