Ministry Warns Air Quality DeclineSPO requests disciplinary action against prosecutor for declaring election bid

The Ministry of Environment has flagged an alarming decline in air quality in Phnom Penh and the provinces of Cambodia. Based on the ministry's air quality monitoring, the decline in air quality was mainly due to an increase in inert particles floating in the air (PM10 and PM2.5), surpassing the standard and posing risks to human health and the environment. Activities contributing to the decline include emissions from industrial vehicles, plastic waste dumping and incineration, and dust generated from construction sites. Forest fires, burning of grass and agricultural waste, open solid waste burning, and landfill fires are also the main contributors, it added. To address this issue, the Ministry of Environment has requested that the 25 capital-provincial governors promote the implementation of the government circular on measures to prevent and reduce public air pollution. Public awareness building and measures to prevent waste, forest, and plastic burning also need to be taken. Source: Agence Kampuche a Presse The Supreme Prosecutors Office (SPO) requested the justice ministry Friday take disciplinary action against an incumbent prosecutor for declaring his candidacy for April's parliamentary elections. Kim Sang-min, a senior prosecutor from the Daejeon High Prosecutors Office, organized a public event Tuesday to celebrate the publication of his book in his hometown, the southeastern city of Changwon, where he also declared his intention to run for a parliamentary seat. Kim later resigned, but his resignation has not been accepted. Additionally, the SPO urged disciplinary action against Park Dae-beom, a senior prosecutor at the Gwangju High Prosecutors Office, for engaging in "inappropriate" contacts with outsiders related to the election. "Upon confirming the violation of the duty of political neutrality by the two prosecutors, we promptly conducted an inspection and requested disciplinary measures," the SPO said. Furthermore, it was revealed that Kim, while serving as a senior prosecutor at the Seoul Centra l District Prosecutors Office last September, sent text messages to residents of his hometown during the Chuseok holiday, indicating his intention to run for office. Source: Yonhap News Agency