Online class-only school to open in Seoul to help supplement high school credit system

SEOUL, The Seoul education office said Monday it will open an online class-only school next year to provide high school students with courses unavailable at their own schools, as the country is set to introduce a high school credit system. The tentatively named Seoul Integrated Online School will open in March next year to allow students to receive credit in the same way as they take courses at their own schools, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. The school will be housed at the site of Duksoo High School in Seoul's Seongdong Ward, which is set to be closed, with 30 online lecture rooms and 10 classrooms that can be used for both online and offline classes, the office said. Though classes are offered online, tests should be taken in person. Courses for students with health problems or those from multicultural families will also be offered. Under the high school credit system impending full adoption nationwide beginning in the new semester next year, students are allowed to choose subjects they want according to career paths and aptitudes. Source: Yonhap News Agency