KUALA LUMPUR: The people are currently in the phase of living with the COVID-19 virus and in the transition towards continuing life as usual (normalcy), said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad. Dr Dzulkefly said the decision was made during a post-cabinet meeting at the Ministry of Health (MOH) level recently. "In the post-cabinet meeting of the Ministry of Health, we made a decision that we will now live with the virus, we take the attitude to start this phase of living with the virus like all other viruses such as influenza, chikugunya. "It means we are back to normalcy, if anything happens the Ministry of Health is always monitoring. In preparation for the future we are always ready to bounce back to action, for now we are back to normalcy... communication will be made from time to time if there are cases," he said. He said this in a press conference after officiating the Gotong Royong Mega Fight Aedes 1.0 National Level programme in conjunction with the celebration of Asean Dengue Day 2024 at the Armed Forces Family Housing (RKAT) in Setia Wira Village here, today. Dr Dzulkefly also advised the people to always be aware of the latest developments of COVID-19 by visiting to enable them to monitor the status of the outbreak in the country. "What I want to say is we are back to normal, if you have symptoms go see a doctor for consultation and treatment, if you are in public areas always protect others by wearing your mask," he said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency