Police search state media regulation agency over information leakage allegations

SEOUL, Seoul police raided the state media regulation agency on Monday over allegations that an employee has leaked personal information of a petitioner to news outlets, officials said. The raid came after the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) asked investigative authorities to look into the case last month after discovering the personal information of its petitioners has been leaked to media. The leaked information was subsequently reported by several news outlets, including Newstapa and MBC. Newstapa and MBC recently reported that the KCSC chief, Ryu Hee-lim, has asked his family members and acquaintances to file petitions to the commission to review the appropriateness of Newstapa's alleged fake interview with Kim Man-bae, a key figure in the high profile Daejang-dong development scandal in 2021. In the interview, Kim reportedly attempted to discredit then opposition party presidential candidate Yoon Suk Yeol, claiming Yoon had helped cover up a fraudulent lending scheme tied to the sca ndal during his tenure as a prosecutor in 2011. The Daejang-dong scandal was one of the hottest topics ahead of the presidential election in 2022. It centered on allegations that Kim, the owner of an asset management firm, and his partners reaped huge profits from the development project in the Daejang-dong area in Seongnam, south of Seoul, when then ruling party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung served as the city's mayor from 2011 to 2018. Source: Yonhap News Agency