Prek Kampi in the Pipeline to Become Natural World Heritage Site

The Ministry of Environment is including Prek Kampi in the proposed list to UNESCO to become a natural world heritage site.

The intention was shared recently by the spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment H.E Neth Pheaktra, stressing that once becoming the natural world heritage, the site will be better taken care of and improved.

A place where visitors can see the rare Mekong River dolphins, Prek Kampi is a natural tourist attraction located in Kratie province alongside the Mekong River, approximately 16 kilometres from Kratie provincial town.

The Ministry is working hard to compile necessary documentations to support the proposal to UNESCO, added the spokesperson.

According to the Fisheries Administration which is working with WWF to monitor the population of dolphins in the area, there are a total of 92 dolphins in the river by 2017.

Currently, Prek Kampi is an attractive tourism product contributing essentially to the local and Cambodia’s tourism and economy.

In addition to Prek Kampi, there are three other protected areas – including Prek Prasob wildlife sanctuary, Phnom Tbeng natural heritage area and Tmat Boey community managed ecotourism – that are in the proposed list of the Royal Government of Cambodia to UNESCO to become the natural world heritage sites.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press