SK hynix to use 25 pct recycled materials by 2025, 30 pct by 2030

SEOUL, SK hynix Inc., the world's second-largest memory chipmaker, on Tuesday unveiled its strategic roadmap to prioritize the use of recycled and renewable materials in its production processes, a step towards embracing clean technologies. In its long-term plan, SK hynix aims to increase the percentage of recycled materials used in its products to 25 percent by 2025 and over 30 percent by 2030. As a first step, SK hynix will substitute essential metals, such as copper, tin and gold, with recycled alternatives in its semiconductor production. Additionally, the company plans to transition from conventional plastic packaging to recycled plastic for protecting finished semiconductor products. To meet the target, the company will strengthen certification procedures and quality evaluation for recycled materials purchased directly by the company and its business partners. "In order to achieve net zero, or carbon neutrality, establishing a circular economy system centered on resource recycling has become an im portant task for countries and companies around the world," SK hynix said in a statement. "In line with this trend, we have decided to preemptively establish and faithfully implement the goal of increasing the use of recycled materials in stages." Last year, SK Group announced plans to cut 200 million tons of carbon emissions by 2030, equivalent to 1 percent of the global carbon emissions reduction goal set by the International Energy Agency. Source: Yonhap News Agency