Sufficient Food Supplies Ensured in Lockdown Zones 

Ministry of Commerce has ensured the sufficient food supplies in the Dark Yellow and Red zones while calling for constructive feedback from the public.

The ministry’s Under Secretary of State and Spokesperson H.E. Pen Sovicheat made the remarks on Monday in response to criticism over food sales authorised by the ministry in the Dark Yellow and Red zones in Phnom Penh.

The ministry will continue the sales of necessary foods in the zones till the lockdown is lifted, H.E Pen Sovicheat said, adding that the ministry is working to add more food items to the ministry’s 25 stalls at 11 locations and 8 mobile trucks to reply to the demands and to keep the stable prices of those items in the zones.

“All items sold at the stalls and on mobile trucks including vegetable, fishes and meat, are checked thoroughly over quality and safety,” he affirmed.

Additionally, he rejected some criticisms accusing that the ministry is benefiting from the temporary sales in the lockdown zones. “Intervention from the ministry in this situation is to respond to the emergency, so the ministry has to sell the food items from the national food reserves,” he said.

To increase the accessibility of the people in the lockdown zones, the ministry also allows a few private companies to sell foods with strict health measure practices, the spokesperson continued.

“Once the situation is better, the public markets will be reopened,” he said.

People can buy foods such as rice, instant noodles, soy sauce, eggs, vegetable, meat, and fishes at the stalls with lower prices compared to the markets. The campaign is aimed to facilitate people in the lockdown areas in finding foods.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press