Sunset View at Pre Roup Temple Temporarily Banned from Next Month

APSARA Authority has announced to temporary ban the sunset view at Pre Roup Temple to avoid any possible accidents for national and international tourists and the general public.

The ban will come into effect from Sept. 1, 2020 onward, pointed out an announcement of the APSARA Authority issued yesterday.

Pre Roup is one of the most popular spots for sunset view around Angkor. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Pre Roup is an architecturally and artistically superior temple-mountain with beautifully carved false doors on upper level, as well as an excellent view of the surrounding countryside and richly detailed, well-preserved carvings. This 10th century temple was traditionally believed to be a funerary temple, but in fact the state temple of Rajendravarman II.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press