KLANG, Tex Cycle Technology (M) Bhd (Tex Cycle), through its indirect wholly owned subsidiary Tex Cycle (P2) Sdn Bhd, has partnered Econas Resource to Energy Sdn Bhd (ER2E) to maximise opportunities in scheduled waste management. Tex Cycle chief executive officer Gary Dass Anthony Francis said the collaboration involves the waste management company utilising its established market presence to support ER2E in promoting and expanding its waste management operations. 'Specifically, Tex Cycle will make its best effort to secure up to 5,000 tonnes per month of scheduled waste management works for ER2E, ensuring priority for disposal and processing at ER2E facilities. 'Additionally, Tex Cycle will provide technical support and act as a third-party transporter, enhancing ER2E's operational efficiency, where applicable,' Dass said at a signing ceremony between both companies here today. ER2E, on the other hand, will engage Tex Cycle for a similar volume in waste recycling and recovery projects, giving it a prior ity to undertake and manage these projects and extend operational support, he said. Meanwhile, ER2E executive chairman Datuk Mohd Shafiee Mohd Sanip said the partnership is targeted to accelerate the implementation of cutting-edge waste treatment technologies, efficiencies and solutions. 'Our collaboration with Tex Cycle is a remarkable milestone that leverages our combined strengths in waste management to innovate and enhance environmental practices across Malaysia. 'We are confident that this partnership will produce substantial benefits for both our operations and the communities we serve,' he said. On June 20, AmBank Islamic Bhd announced RM285 million in green financing for ER2E to develop the resource recovery and disposal complex and resource to energy-scheduled waste (R2E-SW) in Pengerang, Johor. ER2E's phase 1 facility is 99 per cent completed with operations expected by the third quarter of this year. Phase 2 will see the construction of the R2E-SW incinerator plant, aimed to generate electric ity from burning scheduled waste. It is expected to commence by the fourth quarter of 2024, with full operational integration targeted by the third quarter of 2026. Source: BERNAMA News Agency