Their love for the environment has inspired three siblings from Pulau Langkawi, Kedah to create unique batik designs using natural materials.

Suraizam Saad, 49, and her twin sisters Suraini and Suhaila, 40, utilised the ecoprint technique to produce patterned batik using curry leaves, peka leaves and jarak leaves, among others.

“We also use turmeric, jackfruit skin, padang leaves and ketapang leaves as dyes,” she told Bernama during an interview at the Festival Kraf Utara 2023.

She added that their products are chemical-free to protect the environment from pollution.

“We only use tawas (alum) as a preservative to ensure leaf patterns stick to the fabric,” she said.

Suraizam said that among the products they produce under their own brand “Sue’s Collection Langkawi” are headscarves, women’s clothing and earphone cases, which are sold at prices ranging from RM10 to RM600.

According to her, she learned the ecoprint technique by watching tutorials on YouTube made by producers from neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Thailand.

“We received support and assistance from government agencies, especially from Kraftangan Langkawi, to improve the quality of our products from time to time,” she said.

She also said that their business is now growing, successfully marketing products online to Singapore, the United Kingdom and many more countries.

The Festival Kraf Utara 2023 runs from Sept 22 to Oct 1 and involves around 60 entrepreneurs from across the country.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency