Unity and prosperity among communities in Sarawak is an important component in propelling the state towards better development.

Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg said every community in the state, including the Dayaks, should work hand in hand in developing the economy.

Therefore, he called on associations representing the Dayak community, such as the Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) and the Dayak Cultural Foundation (DCF) to be leaders in lifting the ethnic race to greater heights.

“(For example) DCCI needs to ensure that the Dayak community can participate in the economic opportunities available in the country.

“In this modern era, we need to use technology and can no longer use traditional ways to develop business,” he said after the opening of the new DCF and DCCI headquarters here today.

Abang Johari said that unity in Sarawak is also the best example in the country and even the Iban (language) phrase ‘Segulai Sejalai’, which means ‘(walking) in line with each other’ has been chosen as a slogan for national unity.

On June 7, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim reportedly said 'Segulai Sejalai' will be used as a slogan of unity for the whole country.

He said he was captivated by the phrase which became the motto at the national-level Gawai Dayak celebration he attended in Kuching.

“It means that wherever I go, when talking about being united, unity and working together, to emphasis this, then I will say ‘Segulai Sejalai’,” Anwar said when speaking at the ceremony.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency