Visa Partners with AEON and AEON MaxValu Supermarket to Launch Contactless Payments

Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, has announced a faster and more convenient way for Cambodians to pay with the launch of contactless payments acceptance at AEON and AEON MaxValu Supermarket in Cambodia.

According to a new press release AKP received this morning, with this new payment technology, shoppers will be able to simply tap their card against the POS terminal in order to pay, rather than needing to use the traditional “swipe” or “dip” method.

Contactless offers shoppers an even faster way to pay for their purchases at AEON and AEON MaxValu, and given that the card never has to leave their hand, contactless payments are also a safer way of conducting transactions while maintaining social distancing. The company will also be rolling out contactless payments at its AEON and AEON MaxValu supermarkets across the nation.

“We’re incredibly pleased to be working with AEON to launch contactless payments at their AEON and AEON MaxValu supermarkets across the country. Not only this technology make conducting transactions easier for both consumers and retailers, but because the card stays in the cardholder’s hand, it also offers a greater degree of safety for all parties right now, as it minimises the need for physical contact. We look forward to working with AEON and AEON MaxValu Supermarket to drive uptake of contactless payments, and electronic payments more broadly in Cambodia,” said Ms. Chum Monika, Visa Country Manager for Cambodia.

From June 18, cardholders that use contactless payments at AEON and spend over US$20 can receive a US$3 gift voucher which can be redeemed at AEON on the next purchase. The promotion is running for a limited time, and terms and conditions do apply.

“At AEON and AEON MaxValu, we’ve always prioritised giving our customers an outstanding shopping experience, and providing contactless payments is another example of our commitment to this ethos. However, given the current state of affairs, we see contactless as a way of helping to ensure that our customers are also able to stay safe while still being able to enjoy a fantastic, convenient retail experience,” said Mr. Sin Pysey, Director of AEON.

Despite the Cambodian economy being heavily reliant on cash, new methods of paying electronically are gaining traction with consumers. Based on Visa’s latest Consumer Payment Attitudes Study, four out of five (79 percent) Cambodian consumers expect to be using cashless payments at supermarkets and hypermarkets in the future. Meanwhile, one third of respondents (33 percent) are interested in using cards to make contactless payments, and a little over a third (36 percent) are interested in using smartphones to make contactless payments.

Contactless payments have gained substantial traction recently around the world, with governments and businesses looking for ways to continue commerce while minimising contact between people. Contactless has already become a common way to pay in Asia Pacific, accounting for 41 percent of face-to-face Visa transactions in 2019.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press