Yoon names new senior secretary for civil and social agenda

President Yoon Suk Yeol on Friday named a new senior presidential secretary for civil and social agenda following the previous secretary's resignation over intimidating remarks to reporters. Jeon Kwang-sam, who until recently served as presidential secretary for civil society and communication, was promoted to the position left vacant by the resignation of Hwang Sang-moo in March. "He is someone whose political acuteness and communication skills have been recognized based on the rich experience and network he has built in various sectors of society as a journalist," presidential chief of staff Chung Jin-suk said during a press briefing, referring to Jeon's former career as a reporter for the Seoul Shinmun newspaper. "I believe he is the right person to listen to and coordinate the opinions in the field so that they can be reflected in the running of state affairs," he said. Jeon told reporters during the same briefing that he will listen "widely and deeply" to the people's voices with a humble attitude. " I think listening a lot and conveying it as is without adding or subtracting is the duty and role given to me," he said. Source: Yonhap News Agency