Appeals court upholds life sentence for psychopathic killer

BUSAN, An appellate court on Wednesday upheld life imprisonment for a psychopathic woman charged with killing a stranger out of curiosity and then dismembering and abandoning her body. Jung Yoo-jung, 24, was indicted on charges of killing a female freelance tutor, with whom she had no personal connection, in May last year. She was caught after a taxi driver reported her to police upon finding her suspicious for throwing away a suitcase with blood stains in the riverside near her residence. The Busan High Court upheld the lower court's life imprisonment sentence for Jung, saying the defendant had immersed herself in destructive behavior to relieve inner stress stemming from her bumpy childhood. The court, however, dismissed the prosecutors' demand for a death penalty, saying it should be permitted only in exceptional circumstances for it deprives one of life. "In light of the defendant's rugged childhood, it is difficult to hold her accountable for everything," the court said. "By permanently separating t he defendant from society, we hope to prevent a second offense and make sure the defendant lives with remorse for life." Jung is known to have submitted a letter of apology over 10 times during the first trial and 46 times during the second trial in a move to plead to the court for leniency. Source: Yonhap News Agency