Chief justice nominee stresses restoration of trust in judiciary

Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee Lee Gyun-ryong said Wednesday that he will be committed to restoring public trust in the judiciary.

In his first public remark after nomination the previous day, Lee said he will constantly reflect on ways for the court to serve freedom and rights and meet the people's expectations by restoring trust in the judiciary and its authority.

He also stressed that fairness and neutrality of trials are fundamental to any country's judicial system but refrained from elaborating further.

Lee made the remarks before reporters on his way to meet incumbent Chief Justice Kim Myeong-su at the Supreme Court.

Lee, known to be a representative conservative judge in the judiciary, has previously criticized Kim, a liberal judge, over controversial judicial system changes under his leadership. Kim's six-year tenure is to end on Sept. 24 and Lee will succeed him after undergoing a parliamentary confirmation hearing and vote.

Lee was also asked about his relationship with President Yoon Suk Yeol, who was a one-year senior to him at the Seoul National University School of Law, and said,"(Yoon) is a friend of my close friend. We just know each other and it's difficult to see that as a direct relationship."

Source: Yonhap News Agency