Govt committed to strengthening rural digital transformation

Jakarta The Communication and InformaticsMinistry informed that it is committed to strengthening digital infrastructures in villages to realize equal digital transformation in Indonesia."To realize a developed Indonesia, it has to start from the villages. Hence, digital infrastructures have a major role in supporting the development of villages," Minister of Communication and InformaticsBudi Arie Setiadi said.

He made the statement while meetingwithRiauProvince'scommunity leaders and villageheads on Thursday.

In building infrastructure to support the digital transformation, the government has four main targets: supporting health services, education, security, and administration at the village level, he said.

Therefore, the government is prioritizing building digital infrastructure so that digitalization in the villages runs smoothly.

However, Setiadi saidthere are challenges to building the infrastructure that need to be encountered.

discussion with village stakeholders and customary elders is necessary to devise solutions to the challenges, he added.

"We will immediately follow up on these complaints as digital infrastructure has an important role," said Setiadi after listening to suggestions from representatives of Kesumbo AmpaiVillage.

During the meeting in RiauProvince, people shared challenges faced in the use of information and communication technology, he informed.

He promised to handle the issue so that obstacles to the development of digital infrastructure can be resolved soon.

Furthermore, he said that through the ministry's Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency, his party has prepared solutions for digital infrastructure equity, especially in the frontier, outermost, and disadvantaged areas (3T).

"A gap, not an absence. So it is important for the government to intervene, participate in the process of accelerating development, especially in rural areas, which are considered less profitable for the private sector, that's why the government is present," he added.

Source: Antara News Agency