Heads and Bodies of Asura and Deva Discovered at Takav Gate

APSARA National Authority has announced to discover the heads and bodies of the Asura and Deva in the archeological excavation to restore the Takav Gate, the statues of Asuras, and Devas on the causeway of the Takav Gate.

During the first three weeks of the excavation work, some statues and artifacts have been found, pointed out the APSARA National Authority in a news release this afternoon.

Ms. Kim Sengpheakdey, an archeologist of the APSARA National Authority, said that six Asura heads were found, of which three were in good condition, while the other three were only half full, along with four Asura's bodies.

For the three heads of the Devas found, two of them were in good condition, and the other one was only half a shoulder to the lips.

The restoration project of Takav Gate kicked off on Feb. 21, 2021.

Takav is one of the five gates of Angkor Thom city. Located in the west of Bayon Temple, the gate was made of sandstone and laterite with three four-faced Brahma above.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press