The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will be restructured into a future force with the credibility to meet technological advances, future challenges and the expectations of the people.

Chief of Defence Force (CDF) General Tan Sri Mohammad Ab Rahman said it would be implemented through the new National Military Strategy Plan and the capabilities of the three forces will be enhanced holistically and adhere to the ‘3M Trilogy’ which is man, machine and method.

"I am assisted by service commanders, who are seen as generators of combat capability, through the concept of raise, train and maintain, while the Joint Forces commander is the core of the application of military response through the operate and sustain method," he said.

He said this in his speech at the Static Combat and Capability Demonstration Parade of the MAF in conjunction with the 90th MAF Day 2023 at the Western Fleet Command Headquarters, Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Base here today.

Mohammad, who was appointed as the Chief of Defence Force on Sept 6, said he was committed to preserving the ideas and continuing the efforts pioneered and developed by previous CDFs besides redefining the force’s functions, improving alignment and capabilities.

He said the synergy elements of the Whole of Government, Whole of Society (WOGOS) approach is always observed to help Malaysia move forward towards a more sovereign, safe and prosperous country in Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW) to help the authorities carry out their tasks with undivided attention.

He added that the MAF development efforts under the 12th Malaysia Plan starting in 2021 have shown satisfactory achievements and various development projects, capacity, infrastructure and human resources are implemented according to the current plan.

"For example, the project to build 1,563 residential units for all levels has started and is expected to be completed early next year," he said.

For the army, he said, through the Army 4nextg Strategy Plan, its capabilities and operational levels have been comprehensively improved and the force is now acquiring firepower elements involving 4x4 armoured vehicles and SPH 155mm artillery.

In addition, the army will receive weaponry, mobility and communication assets to improve the level of readiness especially for combat forces and complete the needs of firepower, mobility, communication and logistics elements to make it a balanced, credible and respected force.

"For RMN, the RMN 15 to 5 transformation programme has shown an improvement in terms of the capabilities of existing assets and the acquisition of new assets such as littoral mission ship, maritime operation helicopter, fast interceptor craft, and unmanned aerial system.

"Efforts to strengthen the naval fleet continue through the procurement of littoral combat ships, littoral mission ship batch 2 and maritime operation helicopter batch 2," he said.

For the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) capability development plan 2055 (CAP 55), the asset acquisition process is going according to plan and prioritising the acquisition of fighter lead in 6 training/light combat aircraft, medium altitude long endurance aircraft - unmanned aircraft system, maritime patrol aircraft, and long-range acoustic device radar.

Mohammad said this procurement plan is to strengthen the level of readiness of the RMAF as the main air instrument in performing the task of detecting, deterring and denying any air invasion.

Meanwhile, the 90th MAF Day celebration themed 'Country’s Sovereignty, A Joint Responsibility' was quite different this time where the spectators were treated to a Static Combat and Capability Demonstration Parade involving approximately 1,500 personnel of various ranks.

The Static Combat Parade led by Captain Muhammad Haziq Abdullah involved four contingents comprising the Royal Malaysian Army, RMN, RMAF and the Joint Special Force with a strength of 30 officers and 306 personnel of other ranks.

Among the assets involved in the demonstration segment were the AV8 Gempita Armoured Vehicle, the ACV 300 Adnan Chain Armoured Vehicle, the Igla SLU and Astros II Rocket Launchers, the Super Lynx Helicopter and the Fennec Helicopter.

At the event, Mohammad presented the ‘Anugerah Kesiagaan Panglima Angkatan Tentera’ to 21 Special Operations Groups, the Submarine Force and the Kuantan Air Base, which received a round trophy and RM5,000 cash each.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency