New Royal Government to Pay High Attention to Six Priority Policy Programmes

H.E. Kitti Tesaphibal Pundit Hun Manet, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, has affirmed that the 7th-mandate Royal Government of Cambodia will pay high attention to six priority policy programmes that will be launched immediately in 2023 in addition to the "Political Platform”.

The six priority policy programmes were highlighted in his speech after the National Assembly (NA) approved its structure and casted its vote of confidence for the new cabinet members at the NA Palace this morning.

According to H.E. Kitti Tesaphibal Pundit Hun Manet, the six priority policy programmes include:

(1)- Expanding healthcare services towards achieving the universal health coverage;

(2)- Providing vocational and technical trainings for youth from poor and vulnerable households across the nation;

(3)- Institutionalising the national social assistance programme for poor households, vulnerable people from poor households, and at-risk households during economic crises and emergencies;

(4)- Formulating and accelerating the implementation of the Informal Economy Development Strategy to enable them to participate in the formal economy, and to grasp the benefits from formal social protection system;

(5)- Introducing coordinating mechanism and financing programme that enhance agricultural products’ production, market access, and price stability at a reasonable level; and

(6)- Deploying agricultural technical officers to all communes and Sangkats that have agricultural activities across the nation and forming farmers associations in rural areas.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse