Pengkalan Kota, a state constituency in Penang, is the smallest constituency with the highest population density of 21,061 persons per square kilometre (sq km), according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia’s (DOSM) Subnational State Legislative Assembly (SLA) 2023 report released today.

It is followed by Pandan Indah in Selangor with 14,686 persons per sq km and Sungai Pinang in Penang with 13,851 persons per sq km.

DOSM said the three SLAs with the largest land area are Baleh, Sarawak with an area of 11,607 sq km, followed by Belaga also in Sarawak with an area of 11,579 sq km and Kuamut in Sabah with an area of 10,954 sq km.

“This also makes Baleh and Belaga the constituencies with the lowest population density, at only one person per square kilometre,” it said.

DOSM said two SLAs in Penang recorded the lowest population namely Padang Kota with 5,900 people and Komtar with 7,800 people.

For population composition based on the ethnic group, DOSM said in 2022, Bumiputera is the dominant ethnic group in three SLAs in Terengganu, namely in Manir with 99.9 per cent, while another two SLAs namely Permaisuri and Langkap and one SLA in Perlis, Santan, recorded 99.8 per cent of Bumiputera ethnic group.

The Chinese ethnic group dominates in Batu Lancang, Penang with 85.2 per cent, followed by Pasir Pinji, Perak with 81.3 per cent and Pelawan, Sarawak with 81.1 per cent.

The Indian ethnic group dominates in Buntong, Perak with 49.6 per cent followed by Sentosa, Selangor with 38.0 per cent and Jalong, Perak with 30.7 per cent.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency