Ruling party praises Yoon’s ‘frank’ press conference; opposition criticizes lack of ‘self-reflection’

The ruling People Power Party (PPP) said Thursday that President Yoon Suk Yeol "frankly" admitted his shortcomings and vowed for improvement in people's livelihoods and better communication with the opposition parties in his press conference. The main opposition Democratic Party (DP), however, criticized Yoon's press conference as "full of self-praise." During the press conference marking the second anniversary of his presidency earlier in the day, Yoon apologized for what he called the "unwise conduct" of first lady Kim Keon Hee, referring to allegations she illegally accepted a luxury bag in 2022. On the opposition's calls for a special counsel investigation into separate allegations that the first lady was involved in stock price manipulation, he stressed such probes should be launched only after the prosecution and other agencies are determined inadequate. "It has been confirmed once again that first lady Kim is an inviolable sanctuary," Han Min-soo, the DP spokesperson, said in a press briefing. He added that Yoon's "self-reflection" on his management of state affairs was "nowhere to be found" in his press conference. Han also criticized Yoon's position on the opposition's push to appoint a special counsel to investigate the military's response to a Marine's death last year. Meanwhile, PPP spokesperson Jung Hee-yong released a commentary, saying Yoon had frankly admitted his weaknesses in the past two years of his administration and expressed his commitment for improvement throughout the remainder of his term. "On issues with differing views, such as those on special counsel probes, he emphasized the fundamental nature and purpose of the special probes, and asked for cooperation for a thorough and impartial investigation to uncover the truth," he said. The minor opposition Rebuilding Korea Party, led by former Justice Minister Cho Kuk, also criticized Yoon's press conference, saying "no one among the public will have gained confidence that Yoon will do well in the future." Source: Yonhap News Agen cy