Shin Ramyun named bestselling instant noodles in 2023: data

Shin Ramyun was the bestselling instant noodles in South Korea last year and Saeukkang was the top selling snack, data showed Sunday. Retail sales of Shin Ramyun of Nongshim, available in both packaged and cup noodle forms, amounted to 383.6 billion won (US$287.8 million) last year, topping the list of instant noodles, according to the data compiled by the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corp. Nongshim's Chapagetti came in next with 213.1 billion won in sales, followed by Jin Ramen with 209.2 billion won and Buldak Ramen, known as hot chicken flavor ramen, with 147.2 billion won. In the snack category, Nongshim's Saeukkang claimed the top spot with annual sales of 135.9 billion won, followed by Orion's Pocachip with 116.4 billion won and Pringles with 98.5 billion won. Among biscuits, Haitai's Homerun Ball recorded 86.5 billion won in sales to top the list, outnumbering Ace crackers, Oreo cookies and Margaret cookies. Lotte Confectionery's Pepero was the bestselling chocolate with 118.5 billion wo n in sales, and World Cone got the title of favorite ice cream with 71 billion won. Oriental Brewery's Cass dominated the local beer market with annual sales of 1.5 trillion won, beating Terra with 469.7 billion won and FiLite with 239.9 billion won. In the soju segment, HiteJinro's Chamisul marked annual sales of 1.1 trillion won, followed by Chum Churum with 400 billion won and Jinro with 265.1 billion won. Source: Yonhap News Agency